Changing Bad Habits

Habits are any practices that we adopt and engage in repeatedly without any conscious thought.

In order to develop good habits , we must intentionally engage  our minds into

adopting rituals and behaviors that contribute to productive and harmonious living with others.

Changing old habits while possible are not always easy.Old patterns we’ve developed become ingrained and so it takes being intentional, with a plan purpose and goals for achieving success to break old habits.

Goal setting is a productive way to motivate ourselves into adopting good habits and avoid slipping into habits that are destructive or counterproductive.

Goals not executed end up being just only a ‘good idea’.

We must be prepared to do ‘one thing’ daily that sets us on the road to achieving our set goal.Things get better when yout ake the first step.

Pledging to do the ‘next right thing’ puts us in the right frame of mind for success.We must act and do the ‘next right one thing’

Make a decision to work with others to find success in achieving your goal for breaking your habit.

Working with an accountability partner, and lots of support is another way to

ensure success  with doing the next right thing.

“Be a goal setter and not a problem watcher. Life is  a series of  doing the next right thing ” .

….Dr Randy Carlson author of “The Power of One Thing- How to intentionally change Your Life”

Be intentional about changing the problem by doing the ‘one next thing’. Take small steps and start today.

Lynette Laveau Saxe

Success Coach

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