Spiritual Relationships

 There are many facets to our being:

Spiritual,Physical, Emotional, and Psychological.They each enable us to connect in different ways to other human beings and to our creator, God. 

Because we are  corporeal as well as Spiritual beings,we are able to have a relationship to God  which should be our first priority.

The other facets allow us to live our purpose here on earth and to carry out our God ordained purpose.

“Everything you believe  to be true about yourself, got you to where you are today”… Wayne Dyer

1.Practice letting go of attachments.

2.Forget about reputation, accumulation, competition. Be independent of the opinions of others.

3 We are valuable beyond our accomplishments.

4. Rid yourself of EGO ( Edging God Out).

3. Surrender and be connected to the Creator.

4. If there is no place that God is not, then it stands to follow that God is    

     also in me as well as  in every person whom I should  meet.

5.  Be intentional about loving God in the people whom we meet.

Lynette Laveau SAxe

Certified Success Coach

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