Romance in Marriage

What Do women need in a romantic  marriage relationship/

After the wedding, takes place couples continue to have very real needs for intimacy and romance, as they become students of their spouse.

Here are some of the answers gleaned from  a majority of women who answered a survey about what ‘s important  for them to have from their spouses in order for the romantic fires to continue burning brightly  in the marriage:

 They need to feel secure

They  need to feel accepted

They need time to connect with their spouse.

They need  time to get to know each other, this is key in a real relationship.

They need attention and focus

They need to be held without having sex.

They need romance.

Similar questions were asked of the spouses and they gave the following list

of what they needed from their spouses to achieve a similar goal:

They need respect

They  need their spouse to make romance a priority.

They need to feel sexually needed by their wives.The wife  should occasionally initiate love making.

They need their wives to be sexually affirmative and acknowledge when he excels sexually.

They need time and focus from their wives,

They need adventure, surprise ,intrigue, playfulness.

Marriage should be seen not as a sprint but a marathon,

so adjust your expectation, and manage the Killers of  Romantic Fire:

Neglect, Exhaustion, Stress and Children.

Lynette Laveau Saxe

Certified Success Coach

The Laveau Look Coaching Services

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