Defining Happiness


Happiness is a personal feeling that some people explain as contentment, an absence of hurt or frustration, extended euphoria, good health and feelings, set goals accomplished, successful outcomes, debts paid off, presence of abundance, confirmed prospects of unending supply,even a growing bank account, and above all a  relationship with God and secure relationship with an attentive partner or spouse.

A person’s sense of Happiness is ensured by and depends on the continued state of the conditions  listed above around them.

It amounts to feeling good about the positive events in one’s life

Any shift in said conditions would effect a downward change in the state of a person’s happiness.

So then what  is true happiness, where does it begin and  what are its roots?

Mike Murdock of The Wisdom Center quotes

” Happiness does not start around you, it begins inside you.Stop waiting for flowers to arrive”.

He gives 4 Essential Ingredients for Happiness:

1.Your relationship with God is a Must: he is your Creator and wants to have regular commune with his creation.

2.Your relationships with Family are Vital.Time spent with your family is never wasted.Wipe out criticism and sarcasm from your home.

Be a confidence builder.

3. Friendships are greater than Gold. Discern those orchestrated by the Holy Spirit and build  them carefully, consistently and wisely.

4. Setting goals is important to achieving your Happiness

Start building on your dreams. Resist those who control and change your personal goals ….Mike Murdock,The Wisdom Center

Get started on a project in your life, especially one that gives you a sense of personal fullfilment and accomplishment.


You are the only one there is like you, and your value is priceless.

Moreover you are one with God because God dwells inside you.

Therefore you are to celebrate you each and every day, even when you don’t feel like celebrating, because of the unique quality that you have been given at birth, from your fingerprints,  eye retina, hand print, individual gait, distinctive voice and even breath print.

All these things make you unique and priceless.



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