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As long as we are alive, socialize, belong to a family,  pursue an education or  friendships, seek a significant-other as a romantic life partner,interact in the work-place, the sports world, or get involved in charitable work, or even pursue a hobby with others  such as activities for health reasons,  we  find ourselves engaged in relationships. There are other life activities that involve forging  healthy and positive relationships.

Callalloo Relationships Blog site endeavors  to examine many of the different relationships listed, in a way that would entertain, educate, provoke thought and discussion as well as prompt the readers to be intentional in mastering self-love, and be motivated to have a desire for taking responsibility for building  and sustaining dynamic relationships with others in any sphere of existence.

Building great relationships is a measurable, repeatable process once the individual governs his or her emotions and is able to connect with others.

This requires the individual to  be open to thinking differently to the way  they have done previously, and committed to being vulnerable to the other person or persons in the relationship.

The opinions found on this blog are meant for provoking thought, discussion and sharing of ideas on the topic of ‘Relationships from a Success Coaches’s point of view’.

The power of YOU builds great relationships.

(c) Copyright March 20,2012 Lynette Laveau Saxe

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