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Troubled Friendships

Most individuals form friendships that they intend  or expect to last. But it takes work, commitment and mutual respect to build and maintain relationships of any kind.Initially the encounters are harmonious whether they occur for business , social or romantic involvement.

In the discovery stage, each person finds out about the other, while simultaneously displaying  of conciliation, patience, tolerance and understanding and other positive traits.

Each individual  respects the other’s boundaries,  as they observe, study and note each other’s  behavior i.e. faith, humor, friend and family connections and so on.

In romantic relationships, the friendship building begins while the euphoric stage is being experienced, followed by the real work of ‘friendship building’, if the two individuals are new acquaintances to each other.

In business relationships friendships most often precede the business liaison. It is in this setting where occasional  hurt feelings and unmet expectations are often ignored and swept under the rug in deference to ‘doing business‘. The offended individual is often asked to toughen up if the offender is unwilling to address issues related to disrespect.

Disregard for the affront, or related issues ,which erode the promoting of better harmony,can damage the friendship/relationship, as respect is trampled and feelings of hurt, frustration, insignificance and fear, undermine the morale of the individual who feels wronged,abused, or even bullied.

Repairing a troubled friendship, requires  1.Honesty 2.Humility to admit our faults 3.Efforts to address and fix the problem 4.  Commitment to time for listening.

The reward is a renewed connection with a valued companion , friend or business associate.

The process of saving a friendship begins when you  acknowledge  that damage has been done. When one party is able to reveal or admit:

‘I feel something is not right in our relationship. I’d like for us to find and fix the problem”.

Working on this assessment together is key.Looking for how the conflict began, what has fed it,where the misunderstanding lurks and so on.

When the problem is recognized and revealed,take responsibility for your part in it. “I’m sorry” shows your love and commitment to  sustaining and maintaining the friendship.

Be reminded that an essential aspect of apologizing, is refraining from justifying wrong actions, dredging up old offenses or blaming someone else.

After the troubleshooting work, request for specific action, that both parties can commit to in  repairing the friendship, and strengthening the weak areas identified.An occasional”How am I doing?” signals commitment to awareness building and respect from the offending party, or both.

The preventive steps of exhibiting  love ,respect, compassion and consideration on a daily basis, rather than having to do damage control, is Foresight rather than than Hindsight.

Christ died on the cross for atonement  of all our sins, we don’t get to crucify others again for any sins.We get a chance to celebrate that act by loving others, like he did for each of us.

It is better to be where you are celebrated rather  than tolerated.

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Peer/Social Relationships

How and why Bullying exists.

Respect: “A word that is often thrown about very loosely, as much as it is often used very strongly, is a very important concept in life. Everyone desires rspect; however we do not always show it and sometimes we do not receive it”.

……..Niyi Taiwo -Creator of EKTIMIS, Author of “Top Ten Laws of Respect” book series, Speaker.

 Early in life a child recognizes that respect is a powerful tool in the forging and strengthening of bonds in the family , peer groups and the world at large.

 When the foundational skills and principles of  building self respect are absent,  due to toxic environments of abuse, neglect and abandonment,psychological damage to the individual results. This is usually manifest in  behavior called ‘Bullying’  as the individual seeks to gain control by being forceful, demanding and sometimes violent (verbally and physically) as they model and replicate the toxic behaviors they have experienced and witnessed early in life.

The child is seeking self respect and peer respect in a toxic manner.Consequently he or she becomes isolated rather than bonded with peers or family members as they try to deal with the pain of lacking self worth.The child seeks to be empowered through a series of behaviors that go against  successful respect  of self and relationship building with others.

 Twitter Message to Lady Gaga, an ambassador against Bullying.

@Datelinenbc Breeding compassion in the student body is the way toward saving lives, both sides. This message is key. Empower kindness.

Lynette Laveau Saxe

Certified Success Coach


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Creating Dynamic Relationships

Relationships :one of the most powerful human motivators.

“A relationship is a series of positive emotional connections between two people that produce trust. It has little to do with friendship;

it has everything to do with trust. Trust creates predictability in people.These components  foster and engender trust.

People decide emotionally, and justify logically”….Marshall Howard( Business Relationship Expert).

The power of the individual builds Dynamic Relationships, which are not ready made but are nurtured.

This power is enhanced by  the individual’s ongoing diligence of mastering  self love. This then enables the reaching out to others with a similar type

of selfless giving, nurturing and esteeming of others.

The individuals in the relationships take responsibility for  connecting with others through the governance of their emotions and actions while putting the other person’s needs first and esteeming their traits, attributes and accomplishments.

In any type of relationship,the goal is to connect with the other person first.

Building relationships  in business is a genuinely heartwarming and organic process that allows you to connect first without  asking for anything.

People may forget what you say or what you do, they will never forget how you made them feel…

This is the essence of forging and creating Dynamic relationships.

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