Creating a Positive Mind-set

Whatever it is that you want, be it  better relationship within the family, money, or friendship , it is already created for you and available totally to you.

In order to accept this as fact, you need to do the following.

Start by shifting your mental attitude from negative to positive, from blocked to open,removing all obstacles that bring bliss into your life.

This can be done by attuning your body to create an easy flow of positive currents through the vibrations that  encompass our bodies.These neurological activities begin in the brain,and can be manipulated through Neuro Linguistic Programming,(NLP) an effortless  and learnable process by which you rewire the mind using the language of the brain, to change almost any area of your life. 

NLP enables the neuro patterns of the brain to mysteriously transform their patterns. This sets up a chain of occurrences  in the subconscious level that begin to attract to you what you need to accomplish your stated goal.

Having a healthy balanced diet, lots of sleep, adequate exercise and existence in an environment that supports positive thinking, also helps to stabilize us into a healthy regimen and sense of well being for accomplishing the aforementioned goals.

In a pretty quick way, through the governance of our  conscious thought patterns we can turn things around in our favor,  so that we begin to attract  into our lives, desirable circumstances and people which align with our desires and thoughts.

Immediately the subconscious mind, works to align reality with  that which we were intentional about visualizing and entertaining in our conscious thoughts, with positive expectations.

The smallest iota of doubt or negative thinking also known as ‘stinking thinking’ in relation to the outcome undermines the process.

Through faith expectaion and a positive mind-set, we  attract and ‘Will’ the desired occurrences, to come into  our lives.

Having a positive mind-set is  the essence and core of building great relationships.

Lynette Laveau Saxe,

Host of Callalloo Express Radio Show on  Relationships.

CCTV -WCCR Cambridge, Every Monday 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Host of The Callalloo Express TV show, every Monday 6:30 pm – 7:00pm

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Peer/Social Relationships

8 Relationships Tips

1.   Put the Other Person First.

      Connect and build trust. Commit time on your agenda to sharing with them.

       Share information that would benefit the other person’s life.

       Self centeredness serves only one person in a relationship, and leads to

       isolation of the parties involved from each other.

2.   Reach Out and Connect.

      If building a relationship is your first priority, dedicate one-on-one 

      time, exploring what is important to the other person.Practice behaviors

      that are conducive to connecting and sharing  rather than isolating.

3.    Be More Curious.

       Show interest in others. Share your interests and history.Don’t be a


4.     Uncover Shared Values and Interests.

        Look for the clues they’re everywhere.  Observe what they read, movies

        they like, magazines they read, favorite cuisine,photos, style of clothing 

        favorite past times, hobbies and so on. Ask about what you observe with

        discretion. Become their ‘student’ within reason.

5.     Be more Open and Vulnerable. Discuss What you do  and don’t

         do well.

          Vulnerability shows honesty and builds trust.

6.      Ask Questions that Build Trust.

     e.g   I Was born in_____. Are you originally from here?

     e.g    My spouse is a ____and your husband/wife?

     e.g   My son/daughter is_____and is a _____. How about yours?

     e.g.  What community interests do you or your spouse have?

    e.g    I’ve been with _____org/temple/church  for_____years. And you?

7.   Listen. Really Listen. 

        Talk only about 40% of the time

        This practice prevents you from asking overly personal

        questions.The protocol of discretion and respect for privacy is to be 

        observed at  all times.

        Discretion ,Respect and Patience, lead to Trust and ease of the other

         person in your presence.

        This prompts revelation of personal and sometimes  intimate details  in a

        short time , wthout  any prompting by you. 

        By listening,observing  and asking only relevant questions you are

        able to relate and connect, based on facts and information revealed 

        through your inspiring the other person to be similarly


8.    Stay Connected.

         Show you care. Take time to process what they are saying. Embellish

         their response  by sharing  your thoughts and experiences.


Lynette Laveau Saxe

Success Coach

Host/Producer of Callalloo Express Radio Show on’ Relationships’

Every Monday  12:00pm – 2:00pm

CCTV-WCCR Cambridge







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Creating Dynamic Relationships

Relationships :one of the most powerful human motivators.

“A relationship is a series of positive emotional connections between two people that produce trust. It has little to do with friendship;

it has everything to do with trust. Trust creates predictability in people.These components  foster and engender trust.

People decide emotionally, and justify logically”….Marshall Howard( Business Relationship Expert).

The power of the individual builds Dynamic Relationships, which are not ready made but are nurtured.

This power is enhanced by  the individual’s ongoing diligence of mastering  self love. This then enables the reaching out to others with a similar type

of selfless giving, nurturing and esteeming of others.

The individuals in the relationships take responsibility for  connecting with others through the governance of their emotions and actions while putting the other person’s needs first and esteeming their traits, attributes and accomplishments.

In any type of relationship,the goal is to connect with the other person first.

Building relationships  in business is a genuinely heartwarming and organic process that allows you to connect first without  asking for anything.

People may forget what you say or what you do, they will never forget how you made them feel…

This is the essence of forging and creating Dynamic relationships.

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