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Romantic Relationships


‘Love is a many splendored thing’ goes the line of an old song.

‘Love : The ability and willingness to allow those whom you care for, to be what they choose for themselves, without any insistance that they satisfy you”……….Wayne Dyer- Self Help Advocate.Author, Speaker

Love is not a feeling but a commitment. Feelings come and go, peak and fall.

Consistently having ‘feelings of Love’ toward someone  is not the way humans interact and behave”.  People’s feelings wax and wane depending on the actions of others and external  internal circumstances.  So feelings are not to be  trusted or depended upon for sustained love connections. What we feel when we say we are ‘in love’ actually amounts to lust’ and even those feelings are short lived and unsustainable over a period of time. But when one makes a commitment to love someone,  the consistency of our love  is not affected by our feelings, but by our familiarity, trust and  our commitment and willingness to love that person even  during times when they are unlovable.

It is then we say that we have a ‘loving connection’  with someone which is based on a  sustained friendship, trust, acceptance and willingness to be vulnerable to the other  person, despite their shortcomings and imperfections. 

What are the Words for Love?

  1. Eros, which is sexual or romantic love.
  2. Phileo, which is a brotherly love toward someone we really like.
  3. Storgay, which is the love of one’s relatives.
  4. Agape, which is the deepest love,  is based on doing good for  another person.

            ‘Agape’  is the highest form of Love.

            It means ‘seeking the highest good for the other person, without 

             seeking any material  reward in return”. This is the love that God has for

             mankind and this model of Love alleviates stress and builds dynamic 

             loving  relationships.

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Creating Dynamic Relationships

Relationships :one of the most powerful human motivators.

“A relationship is a series of positive emotional connections between two people that produce trust. It has little to do with friendship;

it has everything to do with trust. Trust creates predictability in people.These components  foster and engender trust.

People decide emotionally, and justify logically”….Marshall Howard( Business Relationship Expert).

The power of the individual builds Dynamic Relationships, which are not ready made but are nurtured.

This power is enhanced by  the individual’s ongoing diligence of mastering  self love. This then enables the reaching out to others with a similar type

of selfless giving, nurturing and esteeming of others.

The individuals in the relationships take responsibility for  connecting with others through the governance of their emotions and actions while putting the other person’s needs first and esteeming their traits, attributes and accomplishments.

In any type of relationship,the goal is to connect with the other person first.

Building relationships  in business is a genuinely heartwarming and organic process that allows you to connect first without  asking for anything.

People may forget what you say or what you do, they will never forget how you made them feel…

This is the essence of forging and creating Dynamic relationships.

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